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At Dance Force we offer a variety of styles of dance classes, for new and experienced students. Class schedule is on the next page!


Mommy/Daddy and Me (2-3 year olds) A great way to introduce tots to the art of dance.  We will use games and song to teach rhythm, movement and introduce basic ballet and tap.  This is a great way to develop basic motor skills, as well as coordination and balance.  We will get to make friends as well

Dancing Stars (4-5 year olds)

Class will focus on hand/eye coordination and motor skills. Basic stretches, ballet, and tap technique will be introduced. Little ones will dance to fun songs as you get to watch your child's love for dance grow. Must be potty-trained.

Beginner Hip Hop (5-6 year olds)
Our tiny hip hop uses clean and age appropriate music and movements.  This is an UPBEAT class !!

This class focuses on overall body alignment and awareness with emphasis on proper use of feet, legs, and execution of turnout. Dancers will use the barre, as well as center work and across the floor.


Jazz brings the energy and life to dance. Dancers will focus on musicality, new skills, and expanding their stage presence.

Hip Hop (6 years and older)

Hip Hop allows for self-expression and is always changing styles and techniques. Learn current, high energy routines as well as new skills to build confidence and learn to dance in a whole new way.



This class is for the dancer that have complete body control and awareness of movement to further develop movement quality and variation. Teacher approval required. Must be concurrently enrolled in a ballet class.  This class focuses on overall body alignment and awareness with emphasis on proper use of feet, legs, and execution of turnout. 


Poms builds arms strength, as well as new skills including turns and jumps. Learn precision dancing and help prepare dancers for allstar, middle school, or high school dance teams.

Boys Only Hip Hop

These boys only classes give boys a chance to learn to dance in an environment that not only builds dance experience, but great friendships. Boys will learn high energy routines, new hip hop skills, and build confidence throughout the year.


Lyrical is an expressive and fluid adaptation of ballet and jazz. Dancers often tell a story with their movements through the lyrics of the music. Must have one year of ballet or jazz training before starting.


This class is designed to build strength and proper technique to attack hip hop skills with power and confidence. Dancers will focus on new skills as well as perfecting their basics.


Dancers must be 9 years and older. Pre-pointe will focus on alignment, balance, strength, theraband work, and safety needed to move to pointe or to improve overall dance technique.


Teacher approval required. Dancers will work in their pointe shoes from barre work to center work according to each individual with a focus on improving at a healthy and safe speed.


echnique will focus on the strengthening and conditioning of dance skills used in jazz, poms, and lyrical with the proper alignment and technique.This class is specialized for dancers who plan to tryout for their high school dance team or are currently members of their dance team. Class will focus on technique and skills specifically designed for skills needed for tryouts or competition routines. Dancers must be 12 years and older.


Certified instructors lead groups through high-energy intuitive footwork synced with chart-topping songs from Meghan Trainor, Bruno Mars, and more. One-hour sessions begin with warm-ups, then segue into 30 minutes of cardio dance moves, followed by strength training and stretch. Choose from a variety of classes including Dance Mixx, HIIT Interval, Core, Strength and Strike.



Acro Class

Acro (also known as Acrobatic Dance or Acrodance) focuses on the 5 key areas of flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering and tumbling while using classic ballet and jazz technique as a foundation. This class will incorporate strength, balance and flexibility workouts and a variety of key skills such as head/handstands, chest stands/rolls and standing/sitting body positions. We will teach key tumbling and gymnastic skills including (but not limited to) cartwheels/roundoffs, walkovers/limbers, rolling tinsicas/floor leaps, handsprings, tucks, aerials and more. 

Please note: All dancers will progress at different speeds and we will introduce drills and skills depending on the individual dancers growth and strength.

Stretch Class

 This class will increase flexibility through proper stretching. It's important to learn the proper techniques of stretching to prevent injury.  This class is perfect for any dancerThis class is perfect for any dancer.  We will increase Dancer conditioning focuses on increasing endurance and strength, as well as a strong focus on core/abdominal work. Being a strong dancer helps improve a dancer's jumps, turns, leaps, and everything in between. Must be enrolled in a jazz and/or ballet class.

Checkout our virtal 2020 Covid Class!

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