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Why Do You Love Dance Force?



Our family is so very thankful for DFS this thanksgiving and all year round. Thank you so much for being amazing and teaching our girl to love dance again! As you know her last studio broke her and her love for dance. Your studio and instructors have built her skills and love for dance. Our only regret is she did not start there at 2.5 when she started dance. As we can only imagine where she would be now. We just had parent teacher conferences Monday. The teachers of course talked about how polite Zo is and about her good grades, but also made a point to tell us they see how much Zoey loves dance. They say she is always dancing at school. That made our hearts so happy. We already knew we made the right decision to switch studios but it just solidified it that much further. We could never thank you enough. We all are wishing you and your team the most amazing Thanksgiving.


The Sears Family


Thank you for having an awesome dance studio that my daughter enjoys and doesn't feel like she is not good enough She has come out of class smiling and happy.  Keep up the great job.  Thank you.  

Melissa Reynolds 



I’m actually so impressed by the recital. I have 4 daughters, who were supposedly in the best dance studios in Chicago when they were younger, before we moved out this way. The recital was more than impressive! Thank you again! I’ve been to probably 20 recitals with all my girls..this by far was the BEST!!


Christine Delaney 

Dear Karen and Alec,

I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful event as recital. We attended the 1:00p show. This was our first year and we really enjoyed it. As I was waiting for Max after the last show, I watched the last part where you did the final remarks and acknowledgements at the very end. I realized how much you do for the kids and how much you do for the community. The vision you have for your studio and how much you work to manifest it is all incredible. After this I feel even more proud my is son is a part of DFS. Karen, I appreciate you as an educator myself. Alec, thank you for discovering Max's ability to be a part of a team. Your talent in choreography is superior, remarkable, and undeniable. Max is very excited for an opportunity to be on the Allstar Team. I appreciate what you do immensely.


Irene Osorio (Max's Mom) 

Nina loves Dance Force & her teachers!! I'm so glad she is in super good hands at your studio.



Hi Karen,

I was excited for the upcoming season but after today's meeting- I'm super pumped!! Thank you for always being there for the dancers and the families and for truly listening to everyone's concerns. I am so proud to be part of the DFS family and honored you asked me to participate on the Board. I just love everything we are doing and want to help as much as I can! :-)

Thank you again for everything you do! You truly are the best and loved by all.

-Jenn Chock 

My kids are entering their fourth year with Dance Force and we couldn't be happier with the studio. The coaches are great with kids but also professional and really know their stuff, creating an environment where the kids are always learning and improving. We really see and appreciate how much the instructors care, and the results speak for themselves. This is a world-class studio, and we're excited to remain part of the family for years to come! If you want your kids to learn many styles of dance in an amazing fun studio this is the place for.

Alla Kogan 

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